about castakite



Castakite (TM) is the kite launcher/flyer with a fishing pole design that truly makes kite flying child’s play and something the whole family can enjoy together.

With the Castakite EZ Kite Flyer, children as young as 4 years old can know the joy of kite flying without the tangles, line burns and frustration of conventional kite winders and spools. Parents love that it gets kids away from their screens and off the couch for active, outdoor play. The Castakite also can open up the world of kite flying to wheelchair-bound children, as there’s no need to run to catch the wind to send a kite soaring!

The fully-assembled flyer comes pre-strung with 150 ft. of quality kite string and packed with a 29” nylon diamond kite (though it works as easily with any 15″-60″ kite), so the fun can start right out of the package.

The Castakite EZ Kite Flyer is designed and manufactured in the USA.



The idea for the Castakite (TM) EZ Kite Flyer was borne out of a desire to get kids off the couch and away from their electronic screens. Its creators channeled their passion for flying planes and fly fishing to come up with a way to get kids to spend more time outdoors flying kites.

Using a fishing rod and reel design to “cast” and reel in a kite and to remove the frustrations — line tangles, cuts and burns, they thought they could make kite flying much easier and therefore a zillion times more fun. With the help of an MIT-trained industrial engineer to create a mold, they transformed their vision into the Castakite.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, Castakite took flight in the winter of 2014.

As with many small companies, family and friends helped with fulfillment as orders for Castakite came pouring in. Greg, the pilot, recalls the hours he and his wife Susan spent packing up orders in their living room. Susan was dying of ovarian cancer at the time, and asked Greg to continue to work hard so Castakite could help kids fly millions of kites that would color the sky and make her smile when she got to heaven. She passed in July of 2015, and Greg is pushing forward to spread the joy of kite flying with the Castakite to honor Susan’s memory.



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