FAQ | Castakite | Proudly Made in the United States
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Castakite Red, White and Blue

For what age range of children is Castakite designed?

Children age four and older can use the Castakite.

How big is the flyer?

The flyer is 1″ wide and 24″ long (end to end), including the iBeam altitude rod.

What size kites can I use with my Castakite flyer?

The Castakite comes with a 29″ nylon kite, but will work with kites anywhere between 15″ and 60″ long.

How much string can the reel hold?

The reel can hold about 200 feet of string.

Does the Castakite come with string?

Yes, it comes pre-strung with 150 feet of string.

Is there some sort of break to stop the string release?

There is a locking mechanism to stop the reel from spinning and releasing more string.

In what wind speeds can I use my Castakite?

Wind speeds of 4-15 miles per hour are ideal.

What happens if sand or dirt get into the reel?

Simply press the two reel clips together and remove the reel.

Does the Castakite come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee on the flyer.