• Castakite EZ Kite Flyer, pre-strung with 150′ kite string & swivel clip
  • 29″ Nylon Kite (but most any kite 15″ – 60″ will work too)
  • Folded Nylon Double Kite Tail with grommet hole
  • 2″ Black Plastic Bridge
  • 19″ Rod with Red Connector Tube (attached to the kite) –1
  • 8.75″ Rod (attached to the kite)–1
  • 1-800-297-KITE


  • Unfold kite and lay flat with rods resting on the kite
  • Thread one end of the shortest (8.75″) rod through the Black Bridge and  then into the Red Connector Tube, creating one long rod
  • Insert the ends of this long rod into the kite’s top and bottom
  • Insert the remaining two rods into the holes in the sides of the Black Bridge, with the sides of the Bridge facing up, and insert the other ends of the rods into the kite’s side pockets
  • Slowly slide the Black Bridge up toward the top of the kite to  create an arch; stop when the Bridge hits the string on rod
  • To Attach the Tail to the Kite, remove the rod from the bottom kite pocket and thread through the grommet in the tail.
  • Re-insert the rod into the bottom pocket.
  • To Attach the Kite to the EZ Flyer, turn kite over and gently pull loop to make the string tight. Open the swivel clip on the end of the flyer by squeezing the top loop and lifting one side out of the clip. Thread the swivel loop through the string loop on the kite and then reinsert into the


  • Stand with your back toward the wind. Lift the kite overhead with one hand and release the kite string by pressing the ridged grooves on the flyer with the other hand. Press lightly to let the reel spin freely with the wind.
  • Turn the reel to bring the kite closer — or in for the day


  • For easy, faster reeling, press the grooves on the flyer while reeling
  • To change the angle of the flyer’s neck, loosen and tighten the knob at its base
  • To remove sand or dirt from the reel, press the two reel clips toward the center

Have fun!

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